Benjamin Bunn is a retired Army Officer, owner of Cigar City CrossFit, and Events Director of C4H. After his career as a Special Forces Soldier and Infantry Officer, Ben returned to his hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida to open a CrossFit gym. He owns and operates a successful CrossFit facility and regularly volunteers his time training recovering poly-trauma veterans, local ROTC programs and the veteran community at-large. Ben is also a Lululemon Ambassador, and assists in personal development and goal coaching with the organization. Ben is a benefactor of C4H and recently adopted his four-legged angel, Jolene, a rescue dog. He has seen vast improvements through her companionship and constant affection after a few short months. His desire is to give back to his fellow veterans, especially within the Special Operations Community, is his passion. Additionally, Ben has witnessed first-hand the healing power of the relationship between veterans and their companion animals. His goal is to witness his brothers and sisters in-arms experience the same healing power that C4H has provided him, and touch the lives of veterans anywhere he can. If you do not find Ben at a C4H Event, you can find he and Jolene at his gym lifting heavy weights / heavy chew toys and coaching at their gym.