Benjamin Bunn

Events Director

Benjamin Bunn is a retired Army Officer, owner of Cigar City CrossFit, and Events Director of C4H. After his career as a Special Forces Soldier and Infantry Officer, Ben returned to his hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida to open a CrossFit gym. He owns and op

Ryley Mayhall

Operations Director

Ryley started with C4H as an Adoption Counselor and was recently promoted to Operations Director. With 5+ years in the Federal Government, the U.S. Air Force Security Forces, and being a benefactor of C4H combined, he is a perfect fit for Companions F

David Sharpe

Chairman and Executive Director

David Sharpe serves as Chairman of the board and Executive Director for C4H, and Chief Executive Officer of STAX Solutions. He has over 12 years of federal government and military service, having served six years in the United States Air Force Security F