Types of Service Animals

Companions for Heroes offer 3 types of service animals, depending on the needs and qualification of each Veteran.

Companion Dogs/Cats

Companion animals primary function is to provide comfort or emotional support. They help Veterans coping with psychological trauma because they require their owners to focus on the animals needs. Being walked, fed, groomed and played with redirects their owners focus from their troubles to that of the animal helping Veterans regain a sense of purpose.

Skilled Assistance Dogs

Veterans needing more than a companion can apply for a Skilled Assistance Dog. These specially trained canines can accomplish the same tasks as Service Dogs, but are not granted the public access.

Service Dogs for PTSD/Anxiety

Service animals are dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities, and are granted public access to do so. They can be particularly helpful to Veterans affected by PTSD and anxiety because they can be calming, especially in public situations. They can also be trained to guid people who are blind, alert people who are deaf, pull a wheelchair, alert and protect a person who is having a seizure, remind a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications and many other tasks.